Sandbar Restaurant

Our Nova Scotia Special Event and Catering Space

(This venue is available on a pre-arranged fixed fare basis for groups of 12 or larger)

The restaurant facility is an important and versatile component of the new meeting facilities at Tidal Bore Rafting Park. The licensed, A-framed, restaurant and catering facility is not only the most prominent landmark at the park, but has become the informal gathering place for lively discussions, friendly conversation and spontaneous entertainment.

The two huge decks that cradle three sides of the building were designed to accommodate large groups interested in combining a spectacular view of the Shubenacadie River with both formal and informal outdoor catering events. Our new restaurant, dining, and eating establishment can cater to any special event in Nova Scotia, including weddings, wedding receptions, and business functions. Our chef can provide a cornucopia of custom menu items to fit any budget or personal preference and our staff are more than happy to cater to your every wish and desire.

Inside the Sandbar Restaurant, the windows that fill the A-framed entrance to the building provide enough light to brighten up even the most demanding meeting or workshop session. There is enough room to accommodate 20 to 25 people on the main floor of the building.

Enjoy the Tidal Bore From Our Deck

The Sandbar Restaurant is one of Nova Scotia’s unique special event space. The facility, designed to accommodate guests, rafters, business clients and visitors to the resort, was built in 2007, but not officially opened until the summer of 2010.
The restaurant is unique in many ways but the huge two-tier deck is one of its greatest assets. The deck has a new awning (so a sudden down pour won’t interfere with your viewing of the tidal bore) and can accommodate dozens of people for special events, weddings, business meetings and other functions.

For more information about the Sandbar Restaurant including custom menu preparation, special event planning and catering services, call or email us, we would love to help you.