Special Events Chalet

Built during the spring of 2008 this Russian Pine log chalet promises to make special event, wedding and business meeting planning a lot easier in Nova Scotia (and only 40 minutes from Halifax). The chalet is unusually spacious and can sleep up to 16 people. There are two floors (2500 sq. ft. in all), five bedrooms, a large living area on the first floor that can easily double as a meeting room and space for break-out rooms if required. There is a well-equipped, modern kitchen, two powder rooms, three bathrooms, a TV room with LCD monitor, closet space galore, designed to securely accommodate suitcases, computers, files, boxes and other necessities.

Four of the five bedrooms have balconies. These are great spaces to relax, sip some wine with a friend and discuss the events of the day. The master bedroom has two queen-size beds and every other bedroom features one as well.

While this ‘Special Events’ Chalet is new and well-equipped with modern appliances, quality furniture and other amenities, the interior design is meant to be calming and relaxing. The chalet has more the feel of ‘private lodge’ than a commercial accommodation facility. The hand-crafted, Russian light fixtures, the stained pine walls and the abundant windows make it a pleasant working (and playing) environment.

The chalet is also very private. The building is surrounded by several acres of hardwood forest, well-maintained flower gardens and lush green lawns. And of course, there is plenty of room for parking for both guests and visitors.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update

Covid-19 Virus Notice to all Guests Coming to the TBRR (last update: March 23, 2020)

As the world works together to eradicate Covid-19 we wanted to share with
everyone what we are doing here on site to help flatten the curve.

1. Contactless check in and check out - when you arrive you will find your name on the main lodge door, your unit cleaned, disinfected, warmed, and your key inside.

2. After the normal cleaning and linen changes are complete, we are disinfecting with virus killing solutions the "touchable" parts of the cottage (kitchen / bathroom surfaces, light switches, door knobs, remotes)

3. TBRR cottages are an average of 30m apart and this helps with the social distancing  that health authorities advocate.

4. We are rotating cottage availability and are allowing 24 hours of vacancy after guest departure.

5. Occupancy cannot be greater than 5 people in any cottage or chalet.

In conclusion we feel that our big outdoor property, building spacing, and the changes above provides advantages to guests during this Pandemic. If you have any questions, please call Steve or Licia at 902 237 7380 or 902 832 2997.