Shubenacadie Wildlife Park

See Nova Scotia Wildlife Up Close!

The Shubenacadie Wildlife Park is yet another great destination that is closeby. The park will have a special appeal to children who will be excited and enthralled by the variety and number of local and exotic wildlife featured at the facility. You can see and photograph a spectacular Bald Eagle, Black Bear cubs, a family of Cougars, native Red Foxes, moose, deer, Great Horned Owls and numerous species of ducks and geese, not to mention dozens of other mammals and birds. And there are easy-to-read, interpretive panels offering valuable information about each animal you see on your walk through the park.

The connecting trails at the park are wide and well-groomed; and the canopy of evergreen trees offer plenty of shade even during the hotest days of summer. There are a number of picnic areas, so fill the cooler with your favourite beverages and sandwiches and make a real day of it! The kids will love you for it and you will be entertained in the process.

The Shubenacadie Wildlife Park is owned and operated by the government of Nova Scotia and is one of only a few such parks in the province. The park is about a 20 minute drive from our location, just off Highway 102, Exit 11 at Stewiacke, Nova Scotia. There is a family admission fee of $11 ($7.75 during the off-season) to the 40 hectare facility. The park is open every day from May 15th to October 15th each year.

See the wildlife park website for more information about the location, mammal and bird species featured as well as FREE printable colouring pages for kids:

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update

Covid-19 Virus Notice to all Guests Coming to the TBRR (last update: March 23, 2020)

As the world works together to eradicate Covid-19 we wanted to share with
everyone what we are doing here on site to help flatten the curve.

1. Contactless check in and check out - when you arrive you will find your name on the main lodge door, your unit cleaned, disinfected, warmed, and your key inside.

2. After the normal cleaning and linen changes are complete, we are disinfecting with virus killing solutions the "touchable" parts of the cottage (kitchen / bathroom surfaces, light switches, door knobs, remotes)

3. TBRR cottages are an average of 30m apart and this helps with the social distancing  that health authorities advocate.

4. We are rotating cottage availability and are allowing 24 hours of vacancy after guest departure.

5. Occupancy cannot be greater than 5 people in any cottage or chalet.

In conclusion we feel that our big outdoor property, building spacing, and the changes above provides advantages to guests during this Pandemic. If you have any questions, please call Steve or Licia at 902 237 7380 or 902 832 2997.