February 2010 - Tidal Bore Rafting Resort

One of the Great Rafting Adventures in the World!

Posted: February 6th, 2010 in What's Goin' On

To ride the waves of the tidal bore in Nova Scotia is to experience one of the greatest rafting adventures in the world! Many of us have recognized this for years, but is only now being championed by bloggers, travel writers, adventurers and media outlets beyond the borders of Atlantic Canada.

Most recently, the prestigious adventure travel guide, Lonely Planet, endorsed the guide, Backpack Canada in naming the Shubenacadie River among ‘The Top Five Rivers for White Water Rafting in Canada’. This is good news for the adventure travel industry in Nova Scotia, if only as a start toward receiving the recognition the river deserves. The designation of the Bay of Fundy as one of the ‘New Seven Natural Wonders of the World‘ can only further the cause.

Last November The Shubenacadie River in Nova Scotia was selected as one of the ‘Top Five Rivers for White Water Rafting in Canada’. To read the full feature from Lonely Planet click HERE.

The Backpack Canada blog noted that the Shubenacadie was not only “one of Canada’s white water rafting oddities” but “was one of the only places to tidal bore raft” in the country. Certainly, there are many unusual and exciting tidal bores to see and experience in China, England and elsewhere, but there is no other location in the world where tidal bore rafting is a known adventure activity. Why? Because it is only the Bay of Fundy tides that create these most unusual conditions every 12 hours – where a series of large waves or a tidal bore is the result, as the ‘highest tides in the world’ enter the Bay and move toward the rivers which enter it.

Tidal Bore rafting is indeed a unique adventure that all Nova Scotians can be proud of. We will continue our media monitoring, our boasting and promotion of this most exciting of natural phenomena.