Bay of Fundy, So Many Reasons to Vote ‘Yes’!

Posted: November 10th, 2011 in Fun Places to Visit

Today is the last day to Vote for the Bay of Fundy as one of the new 7Wonders of the World. Think of all of the possibilities should the Bay of Fundy win the competition. To help in the last-minute drive for votes, Tidal Bore Rafting Park & Cottages has asked local artist, Anthony Kawalski to write a ‘guest blog’.

100 billion tonnes of water rise 53 feet over and above these 300 million year old remnants of the supercontinent Pangaea every tide cycle. Enough to fill the Grand Canyon twice in a day. The Earth’s surface deflects under the weight of those tonnes of water and the inrush and outflow cause the Earth to wobble on its axis as it spins its way around the Sun.

Titanium and many other exotic metals coalesce with sandstones laid down over eons and basaltic rocks blasted from ancient volcanic calderas.

Seabirds and Eagles soaring, nesting ashore then fishing the racing waters. Frenzied fish feeding, Salmon, the prized Bass and the portentous Smelt of the snow storms of late Winter, all are a framework for the noble cetaceans that grace these waters as they feed here for the Summer. Endangered Right Whales, Finbacks and the mighty Humpbacks as mighty as the Sperm Whales who gained notoriety through Ahab, captain of the Pequod and the mighty Moby Dick. Rock weeds, other seaweeds and plankton abound as the fish spawn and add to the richness of these waters. Lush marsh grasses of a hue few cameras or artists can capture and of a freshness so inviting. Fertile red soils that herald so much promise in the Spring and deliver so much by Thanksgiving.

A junction of ancient continents has created all of this and it sits on the Northern Shore of Hants County with the stars of our Milky Way arcing over it between the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets I have witnessed. A Moon larger and brighter than ever I have witnessed.

So many reasons why I voted, so many reasons for us to vote ‘yes’!

So many reasons for us to know that we truly are ‘winners’ to have this Natural Wonder at our doorstep!

Anthony Kawalski

The Old Parsonage, Selma, NS

Vote Fundy 7Natural

Cliffs along of the Bay of Findy Shore.

The Bay of Fundy coast, always beautiful to photograph.

The Shubenacadie River at Maitland, Nova Scotia.