Contests Winners Announced!

Posted: July 11th, 2012 in What's Goin' On

Our summer contests are over and the winning entries have been selected by Heather Smith and the staff at Tidal Bore Rafting Park & Cottages.

The winner of the ‘Group Contest’ and $500 CASH is L’Arche Homefires/Applewicks, a non profit group for adults with disabilities, based in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. According to Cyndi Southall, the spokesperson for the group, the cash would provide an opportunity for people at the centre to have a much needed day away, a time to go camping perhaps and take in a rafting tour.

“We have a wonderful group of adults with disabilities who work together in a very small space every weekday. I would love to offer the opportunity to our folks to take a trip on the tidal bore and spend some time camping in the wide open spaces. So very different from our work space. It would be a great bonding experience. I am sure it is something that not many folks in our community have tried. Could you feel more alive than having the ability to conquer the mighty bore. I think it would be a thrill for adults with differing abilities. If there was extra cash, a great ice cream treat would be wonderful on the way home. Other than that, a fan in our washroom would be wonderful, just saying. ..oh yes, we could spend $500.00. We also support a sister community in Santo Domingo that could use the funds even more than we could. They receive no funding! Thank you!”

Tidal Bore Rafting Park is pleased to give $500 CASH to L’Arche Homefires/Applewicks and commends Cyndi Southall for making such a compelling case for us to say ‘YES’. Well done Cyndi!

The winner of the ‘Group Tour for 8′ was Val Guilbault of nearby Enfield, Nova Scotia. Congratulations Val, and have fun choosing the friends you want to take on your rafting tour. It will be a difficult task I’m sure!

Thank you for the many entries we had from all over Nova Scotia (and beyond). You can bet we will do something like this again!

Tidal bore rafting on the Shubenacadie River.