Dog Friendly

We love friendly dogs!

At The Tidal Bore Rafting Resort, we believe that your dogs are members of your family.

In the spirit of offering a pet (dog) friendly resort, we reserve the right to deny entry, or remove any dog exhibiting aggressive behavior, as this may pose a threat to the many adults, small children, and other dogs which are on site. REGRETTABLY, WE DO NOT ALLOW PIT BULLS OR PIT BULL MIXED BREEDS. Please consider this before arrival!

While you and your pet are enjoying your time together, we ask that you please respect our pet policyTBRR is a dog friendly resort. Regrettably we do not allow cats onsite. You may bring up to 3 dogs. We require and enforce responsible pet owner practices in consideration of our guests. Damage caused by pets to our buildings or facilities will be charged to your credit card within 48 hours of check out. Please see that pets stay off of the furniture. If, however, your pet is insistent on “hopping up”, please ensure you cover all furniture and bedding with sheets or blankets brought from home. Pets should at no time be left alone in your cottage/chalet unless you are using a dog crate.

Dog fees: a fee of $10 for 1 pet per day, $15 for 2 pets per day, or $20 for 3 pets per day, will be applied to your bill. Other pets such as fish, hamsters, bunnies do not attract charges.

Free doggie treat for every pet who stays!

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