Covid 19 Update: Property Open

Covid-19 Virus Notice to all Guests Coming to the TBRR (last update: April 1, 2021)

To our guests,

We’re sure you are aware the coronavirus (COVID 19) is having an increased impact on our community and daily lives. We feel it is important to share more about the steps we are taking, and the enhanced measures we have now implemented to keep you, our staff, and our community safe and healthy.

We are closely following the guidelines and recommendations of the Nova Scotia government’s health authority and we are updating our plans regularly, proactively working with our team (whom we have thankfully been able to keep employed throughout the pandemic), and doing all that we can to prevent further spread of the virus.

1. Contact free check-in and check-out – when you arrive you will find your name on the main lodge door, your unit cleaned, disinfected, warmed, and your key inside. If you prefer contact, call the number posted on the sign when you arrive. We will meet you at a safe distance where face masks are necessary. When it comes time to check-out, simply leave the key inside and the door unlocked.

2. After the normal cleaning and linen changes are complete, we are disinfecting with virus killing solutions the “touchable” parts of the cottage (kitchen / bathroom surfaces, light switches, door knobs, remotes).

3. TBRR cottages are an average of 30 m apart and this helps with the social distancing  that health authorities advocate. Also, we endeavor to leave cottages dormant between guests where possible.

4. Occupancy inside a cottage or chalet cannot be greater than 5 people (or up to  the occupancy number permitted in individual units) without social distancing.

5. 2021 Covid-19 Cancelation Policy Revision – The Tidal Bore Rafting Resort is helping many self isolators/quarantines during the Pandemic. Our units are spaced well apart, private, and safe. We conduct contact free check in/out to mitigate the risk. During the time of Covid and travel to us is not legal, we are offering a one time/same year rescheduling without penalty. Otherwise, the normal cancellation policy for accommodations and rafting will apply to all cancellations as we are obligated to hold your reservation for you. It is, as per the policy, to  your benefit to make this decision as early as possible.

In conclusion we feel that our big outdoor property, building spacing, and the changes above provides advantages to guests during this Pandemic. If you have any questions, please contact us at 902-400-0104 or

We look forward to seeing you soon to share this beautiful spot in Nova Scotia with you!

Steve and Licia,


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