Victoria Park

A Popular Multi-Use Park At Nearby Truro, Nova Scotia

Open all year around Victoria Park is about a 20 minute drive from our location. The easy-walking, hiking and picnic park is a great day trip with over 1000 acres of lush forest, winding stairways and boardwalks, waterfalls and groomed trails to explore. Unlike many hiking parks in Nova Scotia, Victoria is a multi-use park, where bikers, hikers, runners and walkers share the same wide paths that stretch from end of the facility to the other.

The park is well maintained and a popular family destination. Children will love the wildlife, including native red squirrels (that are quite tame), other mammals and the numerous species of birds that visit or nest in the park (including flickers and woodpeckers).

One of the most popular destinations at Victoria Park is Jacob’s Ladder where visitors assend a series of 175 wooden stairs up the Leather Brook Gorge. In late spring and early summer, when the water levels are at their highest, the two sets of waterfalls at the park are spectacular. Well maintained boardwalks make both the Waddell and Howe Waterfalls easily accessible and provide an exciting backdrop for photos of family and friends.

Victoria Park was established in 1887 and was named after the reigning monarach at the time, Queen Victoria. The park is owned and maintained by the Town of Truro. To hike Victoria Park, including the climbing of Jacob’s Ladder, will take about an hour and a half.