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On the River
Cancellation Policies

On the River

We have younger children, what trip do you recommend?
We ask that children be 6 yrs or older to go rafting. We also recommend that you do a 2 hour trip on a Regular or High Tide day. Extreme Tides and 4 hour tours are good for children who are 10 years or older.

Should I go rafting? I’ve never been?
It’s important for you to know that most of our guests are first timers and we’ve designed our trips, equipment and safety briefings to be “first time friendly”. All we require is that you have a good desire for fun and adventure and you’ll have a terrific time… and likely be back for more!

I’ve been rafting before…will it be exciting enough for me?
The Shubenacadie River, during an entire tide week is a class IV to V river. If you have been rafting before, but never on the Shubenacadie you`ll be impressed by the tidal bore and the rapids. Also unlike other rivers, no paddling is required to get from one rapid to the next! If you’ve been rafting before, we want to make sure you get the right trip, so just contact us.

Why you guys?
Excellent question and we`re glad you asked. The Shubenacadie River is renowned as a great river for rafting and is listed as one of the top five rivers in Canada by Lonely Planet, there are of course other companies that use the river but we are the originals. While fun on the river is what we strive for, we believe there is more to it than just that. You want to know that we are “Serious about safety”. (see our “Guides” section below.) You want your trip to run on schedule, be greeted with friendly, happy, helpful and knowledgeable staff and get great value on frequently upgraded and clean facilities. You`ll get that from us, just the way we have been doing it now for over 35 years…it`s what we love to do and how we earned the trust and loyalty of our many return customers, tour operators, fine hoteliers and locals who faithfully recommend our rafting trips year after year and would not consider anyone else.

Who will be my guide?
Our staff are truly the key to our past and future success. (Thanks to all you out there!) Our guiding team consists of men and woman who possess a wealth of experience from numerous years of rafting and leading a variety of outdoor pursuits around the world. Our guests constantly comment that they love our guide`s enthusiasm and cheerfulness for what they do, and the professionalism with which they do it. We love riders and rafting and we are in the business to share that passion with you and others like you!
Of course all of our guides meet or exceed industry standards and we have on-going in-house training and safety meetings throughout the season to constantly maintain and improve our skills and our Risk Management procedures.

Do we paddle or hang on?
You hang on. Because of the unique nature of the tidal river we use zodiac inflatable craft with outboard motors. That way we use speed to find the rapids when they develop plus we are able to do several passes through any particular set.

How many people per raft?
We carry just 8 guests per raft, plus your guide.

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What gear will you provide for me?
You will receive quality life vests and depending on the weather rain gear all included in the price. Our gear is cleaned and dried daily, replaced or upgraded frequently.

What do I bring?
No much really! We take care of most of it as part of the price you pay. Just bring your old clothing to wear on the river (having it on ahead of time is helpful), dress appropriately for the day and bring a towel & shower items. Shoes are mandatory to protect your feet. An old pair of sneakers or shoes that strap on tightly to  your feet will work…or you can borrow a pair from our shoe collection! You may want to purchase some souvenirs or a beverage, so plan for that.

Where do I change?
Our main lodge and outdoor facilities have change rooms and washrooms. You`ll never have to change in the bushes, alongside the river, or under tarps, that`s for sure! We recommend you leave  your valuables in your locked car.

I tend to get cold easily!
Our guests that are “thermally challenged” find that our river is unlike many rafting rivers because water temperature in July, August and September is approximately 23 degrees Celsius. For those rafting in the months of May, June and October we recommend dressing warm, but we won’t kid you…the water is refreshing! That’s why we work very hard to keep you warm and inside the raft.

Can we take cameras?
If it`s waterproof and strapped on? Then bring it along!

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I’m not a strong swimmer, or can`t swim…should I go?
Many of our guests cannot swim or are weak swimmers. Our river has no rocks and has a sand bottom.

Will I fall out?
While with an adventure activity such as rafting, there is always a chance that you may. Here`s what to do to minimize the risk.

First, you can hang on to our safety lines positioned around the raft. We use a guiding system so that our guests can securely hold on and “get down” when the guide feels it`s necessary.

Second our safety briefings and demonstrations are clear, concise and thorough…we don`t rush through this just to get you on the river. We want you to be prepared.

Why do you have to have minimum ages or weights (or both) for your trips?
Minimum age is 6 yrs old and likes roller-coaster rides! We recommend a 2 hour trip on regular to medium tides for children in the age group 6-10 years old.

And Finally…

What if it rains?
Actually rafting in the rain can be a lot of fun…you are going to get wet anyway! Our trips run, rain or shine.

In the unlikely event that we must cancel trip, full refunds or alternative dates will be given. View our rafting cancellation policy.

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Cancellation Policy:

A 50% deposit is required to confirm your rafting booking. Rafting cancellation policy: Cancellation in writing must be given 10 days prior to the scheduled rafting date to receive a full refund less a small admin fee. Any cancellations or change in numbers made less than 10 days out will be charged 50% of the total invoice. No shows will be charged in full.


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