General Rafting Info

Our tours are specifically designed to experience the fullest effect of this impressive tidal river, unique in North America.

On our versatile Zodiacs we venture down stream at low tide between sand flats and high cliffs enjoying the scenic beauty of this impressive salt water tidal river while watching the magnificent bald eagle in its natural habitat.

Experience nature at its fullest as we meet the world-famous tidal bore head on. Watch in awe as a small tranquil river reverses direction before your eyes and turns into a turbulent one. The wet and wild white water rafting adventure begins as we ride the tidal bore and the roller-coaster rapids over and over following the incoming tide back to where we started.

Our four hour trip covers the longest section of river, 18 km (10 miles), with impressive scenery on the way downstream and up to 8 sets of rapids on the way back. This trip covers more of the river and rapids than other tour groups on the river.

Our two hour trip covers approx. 9 km, (6 miles). This is a great way to experience the full effects of the river without missing any adventure, just a shorter version. Great for people short on time or with young children.

Don’t forget Mother Nature…

Air temperature can change as much as 4 or 5 degrees cooler between the mouth of the river and further inland, so make sure for those longer trips you dress accordingly. You need to bring a change of clothes, shower items, a towel and sneakers or sandals. We supply mandatory life vests, rainwear and boots if needed. On those cooler days we supply warm flotation suits at no extra charge.

River water temperature: C 20-27 degrees / F 55-80 degrees