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2023 SCHEDULE WILL BE AVAILABLE IN FEBRUARY. Our scheduled tidal bore rafting times are based on the rise and fall of the tides and as a result, the departure times and state of the tide are different every day. Select the trip that is best for you.

Search by month, calendar view, state of the tide, or simply click here for the complete 2022 Schedule-At-a Glance.…then select the trip that is best for you.

Helpful tip – Stay & Ride Package:

If you’re planning to stay in a cottage and raft, be sure to book your cottage first (you’ll be able to add rafting to your cottage booking) and receive the Stay & Ride package discount (10% off your cottage/chalet the day you raft). The discount will not be applied if booked separately. Click here to book your cottage with option to add rafting to your booking.